Hogla Bread Basket

৳ 400

Hogla Bread Basket

Color: Natural

Hogla small round bread basket set of 2 is made of 100% natural seagrass (Typha elephantine of family Typhaceae). The natural seagrass plant leaf looks green, after cutting and sun drying, the leaves make to rope and weaving the basket. The basket is eco-friendly, long-lasting with use for fruits, bread, biscuits, small accessories, for babies in the indoor or outdoor.

All of DEW Crafts are handmade, using natural materials with maintaining Fair Trade principles as a Certified Guaranteed Fair Trade Social Enterprise.

Made by: DEW Hogla producer groups, most of them are disadvantaged female producers.

Technique: weaving.

Raw Material: Natural Hogla rope weaving

Care: No special care needed for this basket