About Us

DEW Crafts is a Social Enterprise and sister concerns of Development Wheel (DEW), a non-profit charity working in Bangladesh. The main focus of this Social Enterprise is to work for the promotion of the sustainable livelihoods for small scale artisans and producers in Bangladesh through facilitating the development of small enterprises with an aim to generate sustainable self-employment opportunities for under-privileged rural and urban people. Besides, DEW Crafts is also active in the fields of climate change, livelihoods security, agricultural promotion, women empowerment in partnership and collaboration with different international and local buyers and development partners with a vision to have a society where all people enjoy equal rights, equitable access to employment and adequate resources necessary for their livelihoods and live in dignity.

DEW Crafts is a Certified GUARRENTED Fair Trade Social Enterprise.

Our Mission:

To contribute to socio-economic development in Bangladesh through promoting Fair trade options for small producers in the sector of art & crafts and agriculture.


  • To promote eco-friendly and natural products for the consumers to contribute to make a better world for the future.
  • To uphold cultural heritage of Bangladesh through promoting art and crafts.
  • To support producer groups with product development, design, Quality and access to market.
  • To support producer groups through providing skills development training, credit, educational, climate change & environmental protection and its impact: adaptation strategy, health, humanitarian support services (and by linking to other NGOs/buyers or donors who can do this).


DEW Crafts (A Certified GUARANTEED Fair Trade Social Enterprise)

House # 13-A/4-A (3rd floor), Babar Road, Block-B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka- 1207, Bangladesh

T & F: +880 2 9101226

C: +880 1715 120 140, 0184 2120 140

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