Nurunnabi: Fair Trade can change artisan’s livelihood and eleveate poverty!

Nurunnabi lives in a remote village of Greater Mymensingh region. Nurunnabi came from an artisan family producing various products using bamboo. He studied up to Class VIII and inherited the skill from his father. However, he had been fighting with perpetual poverty and living in very vulnerable condition for long. DEW Crafts field workers discovered his skill during their regular field trip in 2001. They imparted appropriate skills to him to further fine tuning his skill. He also became aware of the market needs and trend through DEW Crafts. Then under direct supervision and mentoring of DEW Crafts he formed a group of artisans of similar skills and started supplying their products to fair trade markets through DEW Crafts. Once he was homeless and lived in a dilapidated ancestral house but now he is a proud owner of a new house with safe water and sanitation facilities and can live with dignity of an artisan. Now he is operating his own Laptop, Camera, Motorbike to receive order, samples, design online from DEW Crafts, supervising and monitoring group member’s work, on the job training. Gathered new knowledge and skills through different capacity building training organized by DEW Crafts and its buyer, partners, GoB. His kids are going to school happily. The group members and other artisan of the locality, who are also looking for this type of BDS support (and different capacity building training including climate change and adaptation) from the DEW Crafts, respect him.


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